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Parcent, Vall de Pop , Alicante, Costa Blanca Spain

Parcent is a charming village nestled in the picturesque valley of Vall de Pop in the Alicante province of Spain. This quaint location is renowned for its serene environment and traditional Spanish charm, making it a delightful destination for visitors seeking a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of the coast.

Geographically, Parcent is surrounded by almond groves and citrus orchards, with the backdrop of the majestic Coll de Rates Mountain providing a scenic landscape. This setting not only enhances the village’s beauty but also offers numerous outdoor activities such as hiking and cycling, attracting nature enthusiasts year-round.

Historically, Parcent has a rich past with evidence of Iberian and Roman settlements. The Moors also left a significant imprint on the area, which can be seen in the local architecture and the layout of the village. A notable historical feature in Parcent is the Parish Church of the Holy Virgin, built in the 17th century, which stands as a testament to the village’s long-standing religious heritage.

Culturally, Parcent is a hub of traditional Spanish life. The village comes alive during fiestas, particularly the Fiesta of San Lorenzo, which is celebrated with great enthusiasm every August. These festivities include parades, musical performances, and fireworks, providing a glimpse into the vibrant community spirit and rich cultural traditions of the area.

In terms of local cuisine, Parcent offers a delightful array of traditional dishes, with local restaurants serving up specialties such as paella, made with ingredients sourced from the surrounding valleys. The region is also known for its wine production, with several local vineyards producing high-quality wines that are worth sampling. A visit to Parcent would not be complete without sampling the famous cakes and home roasted coffee available at the Blanca Bikes Café looking out over the views to Coll de Rates.

For those looking to experience traditional Spanish village life in a beautiful and tranquil setting, Parcent represents a perfect blend of history, culture, and natural beauty. It is a jewel in the Alicante region that continues to attract those who appreciate its quieter, more laid-back approach to life.

Cycling in Parcent

Parcent is a haven for cyclists, offering some of the most scenic and challenging routes in Spain. The village’s location in the Vall de Pop and its proximity to the mountains make it a popular destination for cycling enthusiasts, particularly during the milder months of autumn, winter, and spring.

One of the most notable routes for cyclists starting in or passing through Parcent is the climb to Coll de Rates. This route is a favorite among both amateur and professional cyclists due to its steady gradient and breathtaking views. The ascent starts directly from Parcent and stretches over 6.5 kilometers, with an average gradient of 5%. At the summit, cyclists are rewarded with panoramic views of the Mediterranean coast and the surrounding mountains.

Another popular cycling route is the loop from Parcent to the Vall de Ebo and back. This route extends approximately 55 kilometers and features a variety of terrain, from gentle valleys to more rigorous mountain passes. Cyclists can enjoy the natural beauty of the area, including almond groves, citrus orchards, and rugged mountain landscapes, making it a perfect blend of challenge and scenic beauty.

For those seeking a longer ride, the route from Parcent to the coastal town of Denia and back is an excellent option. This 70-kilometer round trip not only offers varied landscapes but also allows cyclists to experience the coastal charm of the Costa Blanca. The route passes through several quaint villages, each offering unique sights and a chance to experience local Spanish culture. Cyclists also frequently tackle the loop through the Jalón Valley, which starts and ends in Parcent. This route covers around 40 kilometers and is relatively flat, making it suitable for casual riders and those looking to enjoy a leisurely day out in the saddle. The Jalón Valley is renowned for its wine production, and many cyclists take the opportunity to visit local bodegas for a taste of the region’s wines.

Given its extensive network of routes, varying in difficulty and scenery, Parcent has truly established itself as a cycling paradise. The village’s welcoming atmosphere, combined with its idyllic setting, makes it a top destination for cyclists from around the world looking to enjoy the serene roads and challenging climbs of this beautiful part of Spain

Blanca Bikes in Parcent

Blanca Bikes, a prominent name in the cycling community, has established its headquarters in Parcent, aptly named “Base Camp.” This strategic location leverages the village’s status as a cycling hub and provides comprehensive services to cater to every need of the cycling enthusiast.

Base Camp is a multifaceted facility designed to enhance the cycling experience in the region. It houses the Blanca Bikes Café, where cyclists can enjoy a variety of refreshments, cakes, coffee and light meals, perfect for a pre-ride boost or post-ride recovery. The café in Parcent has become a popular gathering spot, allowing cyclists to share stories, tips, and experiences in a friendly and welcoming environment.

Adjacent to the café in Parcent, the Cycle Workshop offers a full range of services from routine maintenance to more complex bike repairs. Staffed by experienced mechanics, the workshop ensures that all bicycles are in top condition, providing peace of mind for both recreational riders and serious cyclists tackling the challenging local terrain.

For those who don’t have their own bike or prefer to travel light, Base Camp Parcent includes a bike hire centre. It offers a selection of high-quality bicycles suitable for the varying routes around Parcent. Whether it’s a robust gravel bike, the latest Cervelo e-bikes or a sleek road bike, visitors have access to the best equipment for their cycling adventures.


Additionally, Base Camp serves as a booking centre for cycling holidays in the nearby towns of Javea and Calpe, known for their stunning coastlines and cyclist-friendly routes. This service simplifies the planning process for visitors looking to explore more of the Costa Blanca on two wheels.

Cycling tour guides can also be booked at Base Camp. These guided tours are an excellent way for cyclists to discover hidden gems and the most picturesque routes safely and informatively. The guides are knowledgeable about the local area, both in terms of cycling logistics and cultural significance, enhancing the overall experience of the cyclists. With its comprehensive facilities and services, Blanca Bikes’ Base Camp in Parcent not only supports the cycling community but also enriches the cycling culture in the region, making it an indispensable part of the local cycling landscape.

Jacqueline Coleman
Jacqueline Coleman
Great stay here for 2 weeks. Couldn’t have asked for anything more. Blancabikes looked after me and very well and took care of all my needs. This is a brilliant place to come to for training, and only being a 5 minute ride from the coast, you have all the cafes and restaurants you could ask for. I would seriously recommend to anyone looking a cycling getaway.
Joost van Leeuwen
Joost van Leeuwen
What a great place to rent a bicycle at Blanca Bikes to explore the area around Xabia (Javéa)! Perfect bikes of very high quality (I rented the Cervélo Solist Rival). And I very much liked the professionalism and kindness of Nigel who helped me getting this unforgettable experience!
Kirstie Annable
Kirstie Annable
We used Bianca bikes for a transfer from Alicante to Calpe, 4 people with 4 bike boxes. Super slick, the driver was waiting for us in arrivals at the airport and we were straight into the private bus parked outside. They even helped us with a mechanical in Parcent on our last day free of charge. Thank you.
Ken Sung
Ken Sung
This was my first experience on a bike camp and I would recommend Blanca Bikes for anyone interested in a great cycling adventure. The staff was great, breakfast every morning was world class, and the cycling in the Xabia area is world class.
Unreal 3 days riding with Blanca! A very friendly and relaxed atmosphere, friendly staff, something for everyone. We were a group of 4 medium / keen cyclists and couldn’t have been better - some stupidly nice routes around the area, the bikes we were given the best bikes we’ve ever ridden and the breakfast in the morning sorted us right out. Couldn’t recommend this enough! Cheers to Nigel Peter and the rest of the team for sorting us out
Geoff Bennett
Geoff Bennett
Blanca Bikes were awesome at providing supported rides with postcard views on fantastic bikes, located centrally in excellent accommodation with the best breakfast to start the day. Will recommend Blanca Bikes to all my cycling mates!
Paul Major
Paul Major
First impressions: Clearly the team Blanca Bikes’ mission is to create the perfect cycling vibe - friendly, bustling and full of enthusiasm. Or perhaps it’s simply in their collective DNA. Either way, as soon as I crossed the threshold of Blanca Bikes Hostal, it felt like my spiritual cycling home - I had arrived! My all carbon bike was ready, prepped and patiently awaiting the addition of SPD pedals and my Garmin Edge slotting reassuringly into the pre-installed seat. Plug & play - attention to detail & life made easy! Stage (guided ride) 2 and we’ve got our champion rider in the breakaway; one final ‘sticky bottle’ feed from the service vehicle and we press on for success. The Director Sportive isn’t taking anything for granted, barking orders and encouragement into the team radio - crossing the finish line, arms now held aloft following the expressed recognition towards the BB Logo!! Everyone is utterly charmed and the Blanca Bikes palmerés records yet another deserved achievement - more delighted customers ready to sing the praises on a thoroughly positive and enjoyable cycling experience. On the podium for the GC this year, for sure - a Costs Blanca ‘Grand’ Tour, in every sense of the word! Chapeau!!
James Helme
James Helme
Awesome service. Cant rate Blanca Bikes high enough. Peter sorted me with a ride with very little notice, super flexible in my requests, and gave some excellent suggested route. I'd really recommend.