Cala Tango Beach

Cala Tango, located in Javea in the Alicante region of Spain, has been renowned for decades for its breathtakingly pristine water quality, calm water conditions, and its remote and exotic location. It is one of the most secretive and exclusive bays in Javea, barely known by the everyday tourist that comes to this part of Spain. This makes Cala Tango one of the best beaches in Javea, as it still remains off the radar for almost everybody which has allowed it to preserve all its natural beauty and magic. So if this magical sounding place has grabbed your attention, keep reading as this is just the beginning.

Cala Tango may not be the biggest or the most prestigious beach around, however it sure is the most fun and adventure-filled beach in Javea. This is because Cala Tango is comprised of a small little secluded beach area, and just next to it, a slanted and elevated platform that is perfect for cliff jumping (the sport of jumping from somewhere high into the water without any equipment!). What makes Cala Tango perfect for cliff jumping is the fact that it has different heights for different levels. If you want to just take it easy, or perhaps practice some backflips, there are some small jumps. Or if you want to improve your confidence and push your limits, there are some intermediate jumps! However, if you really wish to test yourself and experience something unlike ever before, there are some extremely high rocks to jump from! In other words, there is something catered for absolutely everyone!

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